Wirral Mind aims to provide supported living services users who are assessed as having a mental health problem, and unable to live completely independently, but whose needs are not such as to require the level of care provided within a Residential Home. The service will provide rehabilitative and care services designated to allow the service will provide progress to a greater level of independence, archive their own potential and lead a full life.

Wirral Mind has proven track record of being fully committed to meeting the needs of people with mental health problems and acknowledges the dangers of isolation when housed in unsuitable accommodation. We will offer care and high quality housing in a “holistic” model of support that enables individuals to have full involvement in running their own lives. We will create an environment, which will enable clients to engage in some of the fundamentals of living in society, which many of us take for granted.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide support to the tenants to enable them to learn/maintain the skills required for independent daily living
  • To provide readily accessible, skilled support services that will help to avoid tenant stress and reduce the likelihood of rehospitalisation
  • To assist tenants live as independently as possible
  • To assist tenants to develop, re-establish and/or maintain relationship skills and abilities
  • To assist tenants to integrate socially in the community

The Service and The Tenants

The service is appropriate for people with medium support needs, depending on input from external agencies. The tenant group targeted is people suffering predominantly from mental ill health. The nine fully self-contained flats are situated within the “Antiques Triangle” complex.

There is a tenancy agreement specific to each flat between the tenant and Wirral Mind for an initial period of six months after which the tenancy is reviewed as part of the tenants CPA.

Initially the support service and accommodation will be financed through transitional Housing Benefits until 2003, when the supported people fund comes into effect.

Domestic Rates, Electricity, Heating and Hot Water charges are not included in the rent and are the responsibility of the tenant.

The Location of the Supported Housing Project

Wirral Mind has taken on the management of nine flats in the completely refurbished premises known as the “Antiques Triangle” adjacent to it’s premises in Chester Street. These flats are intended to be “homes for life”, and which, with the support of the dedicated workers, will enable the tenants to live independently on a daily basis.

The Supported Housing Project for those suffering/recovering from poor mental health and has been established to promote:

  • Autonomy
  • Choice
  • Respect
  • Participation
  • Knowledge
  • Fulfilment
  • Privacy
  • Equality

Further Information:

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Tel: +44 (0) 151 512 2200

Fax: +44 (0) 151 512 2206