Floating Support

If you have a mental health problem you might need help to manage your responsibilities for everyday life. These responsibilities can include managing your finances, benefit applications or other complicated tasks which you may be having difficulty with.


Wirral Mind has trained staff who have experience of helping people with mental health problems. The team can help you talk to medical and mental health professionals, as well as others that you come into contact with on a daily basis. The team can also offer emotional support and practical support to those in need. Other services can include assisting with enquiries regarding training and employment and other Wirral Mind services.

How it works

Support staff will work with you to develop an individual support plan which will identify areas were help is needed.

The support plan will be reviewed periodically to reflect any changes that may be required.

You will be asked to sign a “Deed Of Variation” to add our support plan onto your weekly rent. If you receive Housing Benefit, the additional cost of the support will be met through The Supporting People Fund. People whom no longer need support will be able to leave the service and end the Deed Of Variation and revert back to their standard tenancy agreement.

Aims Of The Service

The Wirral Mind Floating Support Service will provide a range of support to people who are experiencing mental health problems. The service aims to:

  • Improve the quality of life for clients
  • Minimise tenancy difficulties and related / consequential social problems
  • Give people the opportunity to maximise their independence
  • Increase their involvement in all the decisions surrounding their lives
  • Provide a flexible service that responds to variable support needs
  • Develop positive working relationships with other agencies

The programme is not intended to replace community care needs. It is not a fund to supplement the intensive care budget to high-risk groups. It is an integral part of ‘Modernising Social Services’ agenda, by contributing to the local preventative strategy to help retain people in the community, and help them avoid institutional care of various kinds.

A “Unique” Floating Support Programme

Wirral Mind’s Floating Support Programme is unique due entirely to the use of the services operated by other departments within the Wirral Mind Organisation. When a client joins the Floating Support Programme they do not just get Floating Support they can also make full use of Wirral Minds other services and activities.