Wirral Mind is a registered charity with over 30 years proven mental health experience that has successfully operated an in-house counselling service based at St Catherine’s Community Hospital since 1994. A confidential professional service exists to offer a high degree of individual support to adults who are suffering or have suffered with a mental health problem. This service is also available to the carers of clients offering respite support.

Counselling within Wirral Mind is available for individuals who may be helped through a difficult situation by talking one to one with someone who is experienced at listening and also has additional skills that will hopefully enable a client to reach their own satisfactory conclusions. It accommodates clients who are affected by various kinds of emotional and mental health problems. Often, these are long term, deeply rooted problems, which can significantly affect the person’s ability to cope with their lives and which can have a serious affect on their overall mental health.

All counsellors employed within Wirral Mind work unpaid on a voluntary basis, and are all professionally qualified to a minimum of Diploma standard, having undertaken formal counselling training that meets the requirements of the British Association for Counselling and psychotherapy.

What is Counselling?

Most people who contact a counsellor usually do so because they are facing difficulties or a crisis in their life that they feel unable to cope with. Counselling gives that person the opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of living more resourcefully and by doing so can help to develop a greater sense of wellbeing.

What are the Kinds of Issues Most People Contact a Counsellor For?

Whilst people approach a counsellor for a wide variety of reasons, these fall mainly into the following areas:- difficulties related to: depression, loss and bereavement, relationships, stress and anxiety, abuse (sexual, mental, emotional and physical), lack of meaning in life and loss of direction or purpose.

What is the Aim of Counselling?

The aim of counselling is not to necessarily ‘solve’ difficult problems that you meet in your life, but to provide an environment in which you can safely explore your difficulties. Often, through this process, people become aware of resources within themselves that lead to changes. These changes may show up in your relationship to yourself, with others and / or in your way of coping with the difficulty or crisis you first came with.

How Long Does Counselling Last For?

Wirral Mind currently operates an open ended counselling policy which, if found to be appropriate, may provide a client with long term counselling. Counselling sessions last for one hour per week, and are arranged on a regular weekly basis. All clients referred for counselling are seen initially for assessment by a qualified counsellor who will then assess the suitability of that person for counselling.

What About Issues of Confidentiality?

Mostly, the things you discuss with the counsellor will not be repeated to anyone else, but there are exceptions to total confidentiality.

  • According to a counsellor’s Code of Ethics and Practice, a counsellor must discuss their work with a supervisor. You are unlikely to be personally identified in their discussions, but if you need to know the identity of the supervisor, please ask the counsellor.
  • In certain circumstances, a counsellor must break this confidentiality:-
  • if your life or that of another is in danger
  • information regarding a child being at risk: Child protection would be involved at such a point.
  • Anything alluding to terrorism.

What Happens if You Choose to Begin Counselling?

Remember that the process can be difficult and even painful at time and it needs the commitment of both you and the counsellor to make it work.

If you make an appointment try to keep it, as the counsellor’s time and skills are valuable, or let us know if you cannot come so that someone else can be offered the opportunity.

Referrals for counselling within Wirral Mind primarily come from the Health Authority, Social Services and from within our own specialised departments, but are also accepted from the voluntary sectors and on a self-referral basis.

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