There is limited on-street parking around the Fountain Club. It is all Pay and Display.

So our advice if you come to the Wirral Mind is…

  • Park in the council run longer stay off-road car parks, which is cheaper, £2.50 to £3.50 a day usually. There are also commercial car parks, about the same price but generally fill up with commuters by 9.00 am. Some of the council or private car parks are listed below.
  • Use the Merseyrail Service. There are good connections from many points and main line stations to Hamilton Square Station, which is 200 yards from the Club. There are stations one or two stops away where you can park for free and train in – Green lane is one example. Have a look on the Merseyrail site for more information, you can find it at
  • Use the bus service. You can find out how by putting in your journey into “Journey Planner” on the Merseytravel site or alternatively telephone 0151 236 7676
  • Use a bike. There are bike securing rails outside the club, where you can lock your bike.


Woodside (by the ferry), Bridge Street (around corner from Hamilton Square Station), Elgin Way (on corner of Argyle Street and Sydney Street), Hinson Street (off Market Street), Duncan Street (off Hamilton Street, opposite Barclays Bank).

We hope you arrive safely and not too stressed. You could always try leaving quarter of an hour earlier and turning it into an adventure! Regardless we will try to give you a warm welcome when you finally arrive….