The restored Fountain Club as it stands today

The Fountain Project

Drop in Centre

The Drop in Centre is an innovative mental health resource available to people throughout Wirral and Merseyside. The Fountain Project has grown since it moved to its new home on the corner of Chester Street and Market Street, Birkenhead, in 1997. People might remember the old Fox’s Dining Rooms building that was in danger of falling down for many years. The building was completely renovated for us, with the help of Lottery Funding, and now whilst it retains its original old Birkenhead character outside, it is bright, modern and welcoming inside. The Fountain Project does operate as a club. There is a huge membership and on any one day we might see as many as 100 people.

People can simply call in, have a cup of tea or some food from our restaurant. The Project has an extensive list of activities and facilities, which offer both leisure activities and the opportunity to undertake volunteering, such as in reception or conference hosting duties. We offer support and opportunities to people that are simply about improving their quality of life, taking back control and supporting one another. We leave specialist support and care to relevant professionals, who we can contact when needed. We encourage a “family” atmosphere that strives to be inclusive and accessible to everyone.

The Fountain Club Building during restoration

We believe that a key factor in the Fountain Project’s success is the mutual support that the members to give to one another, particularly in times of difficulty. The atmosphere at the Project encourages members to help in the running of the club themselves. People choose what they want to do and generally choose their own level of involvement and commitment. The Fountain Project aims to involve members of the club, their families and professional carers. No one is excluded and everyone is welcome.

Many of the daily activities that happen at the Project and throughout Wirral are run or supported by Volunteers. If you feel able to offer a talent that could be enjoyable or useful to others, even just for a couple of hours a week, we would be happy for you to contact our volunteer coordinator on 0151 678 5111 (extension 3621) or the Project Manager on 0151 512 2200