Here are opening times for the Christmas and New Year…

Friday 23rd December 2016              9am – 2pm

Saturday 24th December 2016          CLOSED

Sunday 25th December 2016             10am – 2pm (for those who have pre-booked their meal with staff)

Monday 26th December 2016           CLOSED

Tuesday 27th December 2016           10am – 2pm

Wednesday 28th December 2016        10am – 2pm

Thursday 29th December 2016          10am – 2pm

Friday 30th December 2016               10am – 2pm

Saturday 31st December 2016            CLOSED

Sunday 1st January 2017                   CLOSED

Monday 2nd January 2017                 10am – 2pm

Tuesday 3rd January 2017                 open as normal.